Friday, July 14, 2017

Modern (and cutest) way to send a postcard

The era of high technology is inevitably leaving the paper behind. E-books, e-mails, online courses and lectures - everything is gathered in our electronic devices. And although I really love paper books and stationery, most of the times, it is easier to use e-versions. Just because of our busy hectic lifestyle.

It is always a struggle for me when it comes to sending postcards or invitations. Sometimes I choose paper cards and sometimes I just send a nice e-mail with cute picture in it to congratulate someone.
Last Christmas I sent a postcard to my friend, who lives in Canada, via regular post office. The card was sent from Ukraine in early December in hope that it will arrive just in time for Christmas. Well... my friend got that postcard only in late January. Better late then never, you know.

That situation made me wondering (although I never actually searched it) whether there is some service that can send a virtual greeting card. Turned out, there is.

Birthday cards
I recently discovered the Paperless Post company, who kindly gave me the opportunity to try their service. I was really impressed! They have an amazing range of greeting cards, wedding and party invitations, cards for baby birthdays and (my favorite) designer collections of postcards. There is a ton of cute and stylish cards on their site. Also, if you love old school paper cards, you can order them too by choosing paper option. Postcard designed by Kate Spade or Mary Katrantzou, how cool is that?

Designer collections
I've already tried one of their birthday postcards and invitations. The creation of your own customized postcards is very entertaining, I should tell. I made an invitation to my upcoming birthday party and also the birthday card for Michael (which will be in December, but it is never early to be prepared in advance, ha ha). Cool thing about Paperless Post service is that you can schedule the sending in advance and even don't have to worry about the card to be send in time (I wish I knew it last December).

I would definitely recommend you to try Paperless Post. It's fun, pretty and cool way to manage all the greetings and invitations in one place.

If you've already tried this service, please let me know about your experience. I'm curious to know!

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